Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Blog Post!!

Hey everyone my name is Mariah Caldwell and I'm a freshman at RIC majoring in Elementary Education with a content in Special Education. I commute about 45 minutes to RIC Monday through Thursday the drive can be long some days but its bearable. I'm a middle child with a younger sister and an older brother. I love to play basketball, recently I played in a alumni scrimmage against my old high school varsity team and it felt like I was playing in high school all over again. Over the summer I ran a few camps, one was a basketball camp and the other was an Art Literacy Camp at my local elementary school, they work on bridging what the kids learned from the previous year into the upcoming school year. I also hung out with some friends and enjoyed not having summer work for once in the past four years. I took this course mostly because I had to but now I am realizing that it will be a very useful course for my major. As for outside of class I do homework and watch Netflix, nothing to exciting. I am also going to be starting a new season of volunteering with Special Olympics in my town, we work on improving kids who have special needs with their motor skills and social skills. I've seen these kids grow and it has influenced my career path in a positive way. I am looking forward to continuing this course and my Service Learning Project. 

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